Frequently Asked Questions for Shoppers

When is Partners Card?

Partners Card 2019 will begin Friday, October 25th and end Sunday, November 3rd.

What is Partners Card?

Partners Card is the premiere shopping event in Metro Atlanta. Shoppers can purchase a $70 mobile Partners Card or physical Partners Card and receive a 20% discount over a 10 day period at over 400 participating retailers and restaurants. 100% of the sales of Partners Cards go directly to Camp Twin Lakes.

What is Camp Twin Lakes?

Camp Twin Lakes provides life changing camp experiences to thousands of Georgia’s children facing serious illnesses, disabilities and other life challenges. Camp Twin Lakes provides week-long summer camps and year-round weekend retreats at three fully-accessible and medically-supported campsites, and through hospital-based Camp To Go programs. Camp Twin Lakes collaborates with over 60 different nonprofit organizations, each serving a different population, to create customized programs that teach campers to overcome obstacles and grow their confidence and capabilities.

Can I use my Partners Card to shop online?

If participating retailers allow the Partners Card discount to be used in their online shop, it will say so in their description, or they will be listed as an online retailer. If not, the discount is only applicable at the location(s) listed. You can contact for the online discount code, or check your mobile card receipt.

How do I purchase a Partners Card?

You can purchase the card from a community card seller, at any participating retailer that sells Partners Cards, indicated here with an orange heart, or you can buy a mobile card here.

How many times can I use my Partners Card?

You can use your card as many times as you would like over the 10 day period. In fact, we encourage purchasers to shop to their hearts content!

Can I share my Partners Card?

Since Partners Card is a fundraising event to send children with serious illnesses, disabilities and other life challenges to Camp Twin Lakes, we ask that card holders do not share their card with friends, but rather encourage them to buy their own Partners Card! Participating retailers will not accept cards unless signed by the purchaser.

Should I get a physical or mobile Partners Card?

The physical card can be ordered online or bought at a card-selling retailer, and it is best for shoppers who like to have the Partners Card directory in hand. Some shoppers prefer the convenience and security of the eco-friendly mobile card, which is accessible on your phone. If you are not comfortable with technology, however, the physical card may be best for you.

How do I access my mobile Partners Card?

If you ordered your mobile card on your mobile device, you should automatically be logged in when you visit An orange bar will appear at the top of the screen reading “view your card.” Click this to access your mobile Partners Card. The store associate will then click “verify card” and make sure that the name on your mobile card matches an ID or credit card. If you ordered your card on a computer and want to log in on your mobile device, go to This page can also be found under the “shoppers” tab by clicking “card login.” Login using the username and password you created at purchase. Click “remember me” and you will not have to repeat this process again. Click here to view our Mobile Card Guide! Please email with questions.

What is excluded when using my Partners Card?

For restaurants, alcohol is excluded. We also ask that you remember gratuity should be based on the total before the discount is applied. Exclusions for retailers will be listed in their description in the Partners Card directory or online.