Frequently Asked Questions for Retailers

When is the Partners Card valid?

Partners Card 2023 begins Friday, October 20.

Retailers will accept the card for full 10-day program, which ends on Sunday, October 29.

What is Partners Card?

Partners Card is the premiere shopping event in Metro Atlanta. Shoppers can purchase a $70 mobile Partners Card or physical Partners Card and receive a 20% discount at hundreds of participating retailers and restaurants. 100% of the sales of Partners Cards go directly to Camp Twin Lakes.

What is Camp Twin Lakes?

Camp Twin Lakes provides life changing camp experiences to thousands of Georgia’s children facing serious illnesses, disabilities and other life challenges. Camp Twin Lakes provides week-long summer camps and year-round weekend retreats at three fully-accessible and medically-supported campsites, and through hospital-based Camp To Go programs. Camp Twin Lakes collaborates with over 80 different nonprofit organizations, each serving a different population, to create customized programs that teach campers to overcome obstacles and grow their confidence and capabilities.

Do I have to pay to participate in Partners Card?

There is no fee associated with participation! Camp Twin Lakes will provide in-store promotional materials at no cost.

How do shoppers purchase the Partners Card?

Shoppers can purchase a physical card from any participating retailer that opts to sell them, or they can purchase a mobile card online. If your store decides to sell physical cards, you will run the purchase through your POS system and then write a check to Camp Twin Lakes for the total amount of cards that your store sold.

How many times can a shopper use their Partners Card?

A shopper may use the card as often as they choose for the duration of the program. In fact, we encourage purchasers to shop to their hearts’ content!

How much does a Partners Card cost?

A Partners Card costs $70. 100% of the proceeds go directly to Camp Twin Lakes.

Can shoppers share a Partners Card?

A Partners Cards cannot be shared and is only valid when used by the person who purchased it. If you see an unsigned physical card, please ask the user to endorse it. We encourage retailers and restaurants to ask for ID to validate the use of the card. Please remember that this is a fundraiser, and the proceeds from card sales help send kids with serious illnesses, disabilities, and life challenges to Camp.

Can we exclude certain products in our store?

You are welcome to exclude items from the 20% discount. We ask that you provide us with a list of these exclusions upon signing up for the event, and we will include them in your store’s description in the directory and online. Please ensure this list is comprehensive for the best customer experience.