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Card Seller

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Become a Card Seller

We rely heavily on Card Sellers to spread the word about Partners Card and get their communities involved. If you sell at least 10 Partners Cards, you will receive a FREE one for yourself! We will provide cards in early October. Simply collect money and order forms and detach the order form found on the back of the Directory for each customer. 100% of the proceeds of each card go toward sending kids to camp!

Your Support In Action

1 card sold

an entire cabin’s meals for a day

2 cards sold

arts & crafts activities for a week

10 cards sold

a full week of camp programs for a child

20 cards sold

a hospital-based Camp-To-Go program

50 cards sold

s’mores for the entire summer

100 cards sold

a full cabin of campers for a week

Become a Retail Liaison

A Retail Liaison is someone who will serve as the face of Camp Twin Lakes to the program participants. They are an integral part of the program’s success, and will ensure the retailers, restaurants and service providers have everything they need in order to participate. This is a great way to build closer relationships with businesses in your neighborhood!

Help with Packing

Volunteers are responsible for packing all supplies for restaurants and retailers. Packing will take place at the end of September.

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